Offshore and Marine

GDG has extensive expertise in geotechnical design for harbours and marina projects, offshore oil and gas and the offshore wind sector. We offer professional consultancy services, incorporating the specific skills required for effective and economical geotechnical design. GDG’s specialist knowledge in offshore geotechnics includes traditional limit state design and advanced numerical modelling for various offshore structures such as monopile supported wind turbines, jackets, gravity bases, floating tension platforms and jack-up platforms.


  • Site Investigation Specification
  • Concept design at Project Outset
  • Soil Parameter Interpretation and Geotechnical Profiling
  • Offshore Pile Design for Ultimate Axial Resistance
  • Pile Design for Lateral and Moment Resistance
  • Pile Driveability Studies
  • Fatigue Assessments
  • Bearing Capacity of Gravity Bases
  • Settlement Analysis of Gravity Bases
  • Geotechnical Scour Assessments
  • Jack-Up Penetration Analysis
  • Jackup Stability Assessment
  • Seabed Stability Assessments
  • Anchor Design for Tethered Structures
  • Research and Development