Rampion Wind Farm Pile Design

Rampion is an offshore wind farm located off the south coast of England, promoted by E.ON Climate and Renewables. The main designer for the wind farm was LiC Energy. GDG was commissioned in 2014 by LIC Energy to undertake geotechnical interpretation and foundation design in relation to the pile engineering and foundation installation.

The wind farm array includes 129 high capacity 3.6 MW turbines. This project involved challenging ground conditions with soft in-filled glacial valleys, variable bedrock, chalk layers and glacial tills with undrained shear strengths in excess of 800kPa. Furthermore, site specific pile driveability and installation analysis was required at every turbine location.  

Scope of Work:

  • Refinement of the preliminary ground model by providing more detailed stratigraphy of the site.
  • Development of a methodology for interpretation and comparison of the soil investigation data.
  • Development of a methodology for interpretation of the synthetic CPT logs where existing SI information was limited.
  • Determining the soil design parameters using borehole log, CPT, and laboratory data.
  • Geotechnical pile design for the operational conditions.
  • Monopile design analysis to consider large diameter effects.
  • Identification of the locations prone to driveability refusal (punch-through and scour).
  • Providing consultancy in the assessment of the quality of chalk formations and their relevant pile skin frictions
  • Providing consultancy for the design of axially loaded piles and the inter-influence of pile driving on axial pile capacity.