Gridlink Interconnector Project

GridLink interconnector is a new 1.4GW high voltage electricity interconnector between UK and France. Once operational, GridLink will transport sufficient electricity to supply 2.2 million households in France and the UK.

GDG was contracted to assess the feasibility of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

An image of underwater power cables

The Scope of Work

The scope of work included the review of the existing feasibility studies for four sites in France and United Kingdom, review of site investigation reports and producing a summary assessment report of the site investigation reports relevant for HDD feasibility assessment. GDG evaluated ground conditions, soil parameters and laboratory results to provide an assessment of site-specific impacts and risks at the respective HDD locations. A summary description of the soil layers, characteristics, impacts and geological risk assessment were provided for each HDD trajectory.

Using the relevant soil data extracted specifically for each HDD trajectory, GDG performed a pullback force calculation, hydro-fracture analysis and verification of the proposed HDPE pipe design. Once all relevant design checks were undertaken, GDG included the findings, risks and proposed mitigation measures in a specific design and installation risk assessment.


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