Landslide Inventory Development

GDG was commissioned  by the Geological Survey  of Ireland to provide Landslide Inventory Development Services for the expansion of the Irish National Landslide Database. Several study areas were targeted and a detailed methodology employed. The goal of the project was to identify landslides and areas of slope instability.
Scope of Work:

GDG was commissioned with:

  Analysis of aerial imagery to identify  candidate landslide locations
  Field mapping and validation of candidate landslides
  Digitalisation of subsequent field validation results  and compilation of report.
As part  of this project, over 2,500 potential landslide locations were inspected using aerial imagery. In addition, new landslides that post-dated the aerial photography were also identified during mapping, further augmenting the National Database.
The results of this study and the implications on future infrastructure development have been interrogated in detail and the results  have been published by GDG in an international journal (see Martinovic et al. 2015 for further details).