The RAIN project aims to provide an operational analysis framework which minimises the impact of extreme weather events on critical components of EU infrastructure. Work Package 7 of the project considers mitigation strategies with a focus on measures that can be adopted to improve the resilience of the existing infrastructure network. These measures include physical adaptations and changes to management strategies.

Scope of Work:

The work focuses on the risk analysis of Infrastructure Networks in response to extreme weather  and the identification of engineering solutions which increase the level of redundancy and prevent cascading effects. Solutions for extreme events causing flooding, landslides and post hurricane damage are considered.

The deliverables  include:

  • Analysis of Practical Remediation Strategies for discrete infrastructure systems
  • Technical impact matrix ranking the remediation strategies and Operational Report
  • A preliminary standardisation document
  • Recommendation Summary on techniques for Mitigation of, Adaptation to, and Coping with the potential impacts of extreme weather