Open Hydro Tidal Turbine

Open Hydro is an Irish tidal turbine developer working across a range of International projects in some of the most challenging offshore sites every encountered. The success of the Open Hydro turbine relies on a solid foundation capable of resisting significant environmental loads from the harsh sea states. GDG was tasked with optimising the foundation design through both analytical design checks and onshore testing.

This project involved analysis of tidal loads and environmental conditions that may impact on the tidal turbine support structure. The project included detailed analysis of the substructure system and optimisation of the footing components based on rock-structure interaction. This included identification of the uncertainties involved, including the risks and challenges in design and installation of shallow foundation elements

Scope of Work:

GDG was commissioned to:

  • Select representative sites for onshore testing
  • Develop a testing strategy that addresses the main design issues of the tidal turbine foundations;
  • Plan a detailed test methodology
  • Analysis of the Installation process
  • Design Testing equipment
  • Establish Load test scenarios
  • Set up monitoring and instrumentation
  • Estimate the required time and budget for conducting the field trials
  • Test Interpretation
  • Recommendations for future design optimisation