MiDOS Pile Development

Bauer Maschinene are specialists in producing some of the worlds leading drilling equipment for onshore applications and in recent years have extended these expertise into the offshore arena, where they have developed bespoke tools for the construction of offshore foundations.

GDG was commissioned by BAUER Maschinen to support them with engineering consultancy services with respect to the development of a novel foundation option known as the Mixed Drilled Offshore Steel pile system (MiDOS). The MIDOS pile has been developed as an alternative to conventional drilled and grouted offshore piles, which are known to be time consuming and expensive to construct offshore. GDG have assisted BAUER in defining the likely load conditions the MiDOS pile would have to support and developing a framework to determine the capacity and performance of the pile (both geotechnical and structural).

Scope of Work:

The scope of work for this project first involved a critical comparison between the MiDOS pile and other forms of load transfer foundations.  An analytical loading model was developed to define the range of loads the pile is likely to support for jacket substructures in Oil&Gas applications.  A testing framework was developed for subsequent validation which included field testing. The field test results were reviewed by GDG and compared to design assumptions in order to benchmark the test performance. The pile capacity was seen to perform well in the test. Based on the findings from the preliminary study it was recommended that suitable markets would included the calcareous deposits found in areas such as the Persian Gulf. This led into a dedicated study into MiDOS pile capacities in Calacreous conditions which included both lab testing and numerical modelling.