Destination Rail

The aim of DESTination RAIL is to provide solutions for a number of problems faced by EU infrastructure managers. Novel techniques for identifying, analysing and remediating critical rail infrastructure are being developed. These solutions will be implemented using a decision support tool, which allows rail infrastructure managers to make rational investment choices, based on reliable data. At present, Infrastructure Managers make safety critical investment decisions based on poor data and an over-reliance on visual assessment. As a consequence their estimates of risk are not based on a consistent framework and large-scale failures are happening with increasingly regularity. The objective of this project (safer, reliable and efficient rail infrastructure) will be achieved through a holistic management tool based on the FACT (Find, Analyse, Classify, Treat) principle.

Scope of Work:

WP1 - FIND – Monitoring

  • Inventory of Problems
  • Location of Hotspots
  • Monitoring of Switches, Crossings, Tracks, Earthworks and Structures


  • Probabilistic framework
  • Statistical Performance Updating from Measurements
  • Assessment of Structures, Earthworks and Tracks

WP3 - CLASSIFY – Risk Assessment

  • Information Management System
  • Risk Assessment and ranking
  • Decision Support Tool


  • Construction Techniques for Tracks , Earthworks and Structures – Bridge Abutments
  • Traffic Flow Model
  • Probabilistic Model for Whole Life Cycle Analyses

WP5 - Integration and Dissemination

  • Pilot Projects
  • Demonstration Projects and Certification
  • Exploitation
  • Dissemination


  • Project Coordination and Administration
  • Technical Reporting and Communications