Guatemala Landslide Hazard Map

Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions Ltd. (GDG) was commissioned by a confidential client to undertake the Landslide Hazard and Risk Pilot Study for a municipal association in the Department of Guatemala and Guatemala City. This community have grown towards unstable topographies like steep slopes or edges of the fluvial canyons. Furthermore, the site area was located in a tectonically active region characterized by a high rate of shallow and intermediate-depth earthquake and active volcanism which increase the susceptibility of an area to landslides. 
A large desk study was carried out to create a suitable landslide inventory database, including collection and evaluation of existing information (e.g. Existing landslide inventory, seismic hazard data, cartography and LiDAR products) along with information of possible gaps and landslide field work. Landslide Susceptibility maps, Rainfall Threshold definition, Hazard and Risk Assessment maps were also provided by GDG

Scope of Work:

Our scope of work included:

  • Collection and evaluation of existing information to create a robust database
  • Calculation memory for landslide susceptibility analyses
  • Landslide Susceptibility maps
  • Rainfall Threshold analysis
  • Landslide Hazard map based on rainfall thresholds 
  • Vulnerability and risk analyses
  • Workshops to municipal technical group