Mount Lucas and Bruckana Onshore Wind Farms

Mount Lucas is an onshore wind farm located in Offaly in central Ireland. GDG was involved in this project from the site investigation stage in 2012 through to geotechnical interpretation and onsite quality control during construction of the foundations in 2013/2014. The wind farm has an operational capacity of 84MW, which is generated through 28 Siemens 3 MW machines located at the site of a former milled peat production area.  

GDG also provided identical services at the 14 turbine Bruckana wind farm on the boarder of Tipperary and Kilkenny, which was under development at the same time. 

Scope of Work:

GDG was commissioned by Bord na Mona to review the factual site investigation information (CPTs, boreholes, lab data, etc.) and to develop individual geotechnical interpretive profiles and preliminary pile and shallow foundation design for all of the turbine bases. This scope of work was extended to foundation conceptual engineering, detailed design review and on-site quality control.

In particular, GDG provided the following services:

  • Prepared Interpretive Profiles that combined the CPT data and the boreholes/samples
  • Developed geotechnical design parameters
  • Completed geotechnical design for all turbine bases, resulting in foundation concept recommendations
  • Optioneering and Cost-Benefit exercises to determine the final foundation solutions (buoyant gravity bases, compression piled bases, tension piled bases and non-buoyant shallow bases)
  • Value engineering of the construction options (assessing cost of lean-mix, excavations, etc.)
  • Develop Material and Testing Specification for Validation of the foundation design
  • Review of the contractor pile design
  • Review of the detailed foundation design (prepared by Siemens)
  • On site quality control for piling issues and review of pile test data
  • On site quality control for all shallow foundation construction