Hanover Quay

Mass excavations at the Hanover Quay Site required detailed soil waste classification for disposal purposes, GDG provided support to the Client, including:
·      Waste Classification
·      Landfill negotiations
·      Soil management plan
·      Supplementary testing and evaluation
·      Infill material testing and evaluation
·      Contamination Discovery Plan

The space available within the development plot and proximity to other residential properties and infrastructure required careful site management and vehicle movements. The site strip was completed in batches, therein short bursts of truck movements and minimal disturbance to residential properties.

During excavation works, GDG worked with the contractor to reduce impacts from materials of concern being uncovered, including asbestos fragments in soils, completing field sampling and rapid laboratory turn-around to facilitate safe handling and diposal.

The excavation works had to take cognisance of the proximity to a boundary brick wall and neighbouring properties to avoid damage or collapse, with all works managed under a health and safety management plan, adopted by the approved contractor.

The outcome was the successful compliance with Council planning conditions and planning approval for the construction of the residential development.