Meet Daniel Murphy, Graduate Engineer at GDG

The GDG Graduate Programme offers a unique and compelling package for students aspiring to excel in engineering. The combination of six-month rotations, competitive salary, exciting project opportunities, training and mentoring, and the clear path to promotion as a Design Engineer makes GDG an exceptional place to launch your career.

We’re delighted to introduce you to Luke O’Connell, a current Graduate Engineer at GDG, who shares his experience of our Graduate Programme.

What initially attracted you to GDG’s graduate programme?

Initially, I was attracted by the combination of engaging, varied work and the supportive, collaborative team culture at GDG. Having previously completed an internship with the company, I enjoyed the challenging yet rewarding nature of the work. The opportunity to contribute to diverse projects in the fields of geotechnical engineering and renewable energy was particularly appealing, as it meant I could continuously expand my technical knowledge and face new and interesting challenges.

Moreover, the collaborative and supportive atmosphere within the team greatly influenced my decision to join GDG. During my internship, I experienced firsthand the helpfulness and teamwork displayed by the members of the company. This collaborative spirit not only fosters a positive work environment but also enhances the learning experience.


How has the programme helped you grow?

The graduate programme at GDG has played a major role in my personal and professional growth, building upon the foundation I established during my internship. Professionally, it has provided me with invaluable opportunities to further expand my technical knowledge in the geotechnical and renewable energy fields. The structured learning environment and mentorship provided have allowed me to contribute more to complex projects, enhancing my problem-solving abilities and technical expertise.

One of the most significant aspects of my growth has been the emphasis on collaboration within the programme. Encouraging interaction with diverse teams and individuals across the company has been instrumental in broadening my perspective. Working alongside professionals from different backgrounds and expertise areas has not only enhanced my understanding of the industry but has also improved my interpersonal skills. Learning to collaborate effectively with colleagues possessing various personalities and working styles has been a valuable lesson, enhancing my communication skills.

What has been your most memorable experience or achievement during your time in the graduate programme?

One of my most memorable experiences has been actively contributing to and completing design elements of various projects. The sense of accomplishment derived from seeing these designs come to life is very rewarding and tangible. It’s more than just a task on paper; it represents a real, practical solution that I have personally contributed to.

Being involved in projects including pile design, access track design, compound design, passing bay design, and temporary works designs, has provided me with a great sense of satisfaction. To know that my designs have a direct impact on the construction process and play a vital role in the overall project success is very fulfilling. Seeing my designs materialise into tangible structures has been the most memorable and fulfilling aspect of my time in the graduate programme.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining the GDG graduate programme?

I would definitely encourage anyone considering joining the GDG graduate programme to go for it. I believe it’s an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. The variety of work coupled with the support of an experienced and collaborative team makes the GDG graduate programme a brilliant opportunity.


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