Meet James McAteer, Our New Geologist

Wednesday, 17th May 2017
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James is an experienced geologist with a BSc in Geology and Archaeology from University College Dublin. James’ work as a geologist to date has focused on GIS development, hydrogeological mapping and geothermal energy. His work includes in depth research into ground source heating technologies as well as temperature measurement and data acquisition techniques. James has extensive experience working on projects conducting field and laboratory thermal properties tests on Irish rock types and soils.

James’ experience in hydrogeological mapping includes conducting field work mapping of shallow sand and gravel aquifers across Ireland as well as preforming dye tracing tests in Irish karstic landscapes. James has used his GIS experience to develop databases and report maps for several projects including; shallow aquifer delineations across Ireland, seismic survey route analysis for Stoke City and variations of Irish soil thermal conductivities.