Listowel Slope Remediation

The Office of Public Works (OPW) appointed GDG to provide geotechnical design advice for a collapsed river embankment on the River Feale in Listowel, Co. Kerry.

GDG has aided the OPW with the design, specification, procurement and management of an intrusive and geophysical site investigation campaign, composed of land-based cable percussion and rotary boreholes and river-based geophysical investigations, interpretation of results and production of a remediation design, involving placement of rock armour and slope face soil nail installation.

An image of the shore at Listowe;
Immediately following the slope failure, GDG was requested to undertake a site inspection and advise the OPW on possible remediation measures to manage the risks posed by the failure.
An image of a river way at Listowel

GDG was engaged by the OPW to assess the collapse and design a repair solution. Our scope included:

  • A desk study to assess the cause of the collapse and provide options for the repairs
  • Specification of the Ground Investigation (GI)
  • Preparation of photomontages of the preferred solution
  • Design of the preferred solution – a rock armour revetment to buttress the slope and provide scour protection from river flows
  • Hydraulic modelling to determine the impact of the revetment on the river channel
  • Role of Employer’s Representative, including:
    • Preparation of Contract Documents
    • Contract administration

GDG acting as PSDP for the duration of the project

An image of Listowel in Ireland

GDG initially carried out a site walkover and background history desk study to highlight any immediate risks and investigate the potential remediation solutions.

Following the consideration of the proposed solutions, GDG was again approached to provide a design solution, developing a scope and specification for an intrusive and geophysical site investigation and providing management services throughout the works, assuming the role of PSDP for the project throughout the construction stage.

An image of Listowel in Oreland

GDG completed all geotechnical and civil design components, including:

  • Desk study report including walkover
  • Design, specification, and management of site investigation
  • Interpretation and reporting of site investigation data
  • Cut/fill earth works design
  • Slope stability design

Produced the series 600, rock armor specifications, and drawings


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