Offshore Client Support Services

At GDG, we offer our clients a holistic offshore client support service which includes Client Representatives, Marine Mammal Observers (MMO), and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators and equipment.

Our expert teams have the knowledge and experience to deliver technical and operational support to the offshore industry. And when required, we can call on our extensive portfolio of carefully selected offshore Client Reps, who bring additional expertise or local experience where needed.

Client Representation

Client Reps play an important role in any offshore project. Developers often have a limited window to gather the relevant data and ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and most importantly, safely.

Our dedicated Client Support Services Coordinator ensures only the most suitably qualified and experienced personnel are selected to meet the needs of our clients, meaning important decisions are made efficiently and sufficient information is available for project engineering and consent.

Marine Mammal Observations

Our Marine Advisory Team specialises in advising and supporting projects from early-stage development to construction and onto follow-on compliance monitoring and reporting.

All our PAM Operators and MMOs are experienced and have completed JNCC (or equivalent standard) training courses.  Our team of experts brief them on monitoring protocols and the requirements of licence conditions, this ensures that their role is clear, and the survey runs to plan. They record the presence of marine mammals and other megafauna within pre-watch monitoring zones both visually and acoustically. All sightings and sound recordings are documented and reported in the survey marine mammal observation report, completed at the end of each survey.

At GDG, we acquired vertical PAM arrays, which incorporate passive acoustic hydrophones, these are highly sensitive microphones that operate underwater. Using these systems, we can detect the vocalisations of many species of marine mammals. The vertical PAM arrays are suitable for stationary operations including geotechnical surveys and installation/construction activities. PAM allows acoustic pre-watch monitoring and survey commencement during poor weather conditions and during night-time hours, reducing survey downtime and ensuring operational efficiency. Our equipment, together with our network of PAM Operators and MMOs, can supply the services required by every survey to fulfil licence conditions and monitor compliance.

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