GDG’S Emma Gallagher Wins Top Prize at Offshore Wind 2023

Emma Gallagher, Irish Research Council (IRC) Scholar at GDG, won first prize in the prestigious Thesis in Three competition at Offshore Wind 2023. Her winning presentation focused on the design optimisation of suction caisson anchors for floating offshore wind farms.

Emma’s research centres around the use of suction caisson anchors for array scale developments and the use of shared anchors. The ultimate goal of her research is to optimise wind turbine foundations, reducing their cost, improving their viability at less favourable sites, and ultimately leading to a quicker energy transition. Emma’s research aligns closely with our ongoing collaboration with the International Energy Agency in this important area.

“Emma’s success in the Thesis in Three competition is a testament to her exceptional engineering talent as well as her ability to captivate the audience while explaining the complexities of her research. As the offshore wind industry continues to expand, her research will play a crucial role in shaping the future of floating wind farms and accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape.”

Dr Indrasenan Thusyanthan, Managing Director, GDG

Emma, who has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, joined GDG as an Irish Research Council (IRC) Scholar having completed a seven-month placement here during her undergrad.

“I recognised that GDG provided a supportive environment in which enthusiastic individuals are encouraged and assisted in the production of exceptional work. I wanted to return to GDG to develop my engineering knowledge and work with world-class engineers in the offshore space.”,

Emma Gallagher, IRC Scholar at GDG and Winner of Thesis in Three at Offshore Wind 2023


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