2023 Fleming Award Win

Congratulations to GDG Offshore Technical Director, Dr Trevon Joseph, and Geotechnical Engineer Dr Hansini Mallikarachchi, who were part of the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm project team that received the prestigious 2023 Fleming Award from the British Geotechnical Association. This distinguished accolade recognises the project’s exceptional innovation and practical application within the realm of geotechnics.

At the helm of this groundbreaking project, the geotechnical design team, led by Trevon Joseph, pioneered the implementation of a novel technique known as two-way cycling or pressure cycling. This inventive approach addressed a critical challenge faced during suction caisson installation, mitigating early refusal by reducing installation resistance. Through meticulous investigation of the caisson-soil interface, Trevon’s team ensured the integrity of the foundation design, paving the way for cost savings and enhanced efficiency in offshore wind farm installations. 

"Receiving the 2023 Fleming Award is a tremendous honour that highlights the power of geotechnical innovation and underscores the incredible achievements made possible through collaborative teamwork. This recognition not only celebrates our pioneering advancements but also the dedication and ingenuity of our entire team in reshaping the future of offshore engineering."

Trevon Joseph, Offshore Technical Director, GDG

The success of this project has been made possible through the collective expertise and collaboration of organisations, including Ramboll, Seaway7, SSE Renewables, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions, The University of Western Australia, GTI Perth, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and Ternan Energy.

"This award is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. We are immensely proud of Trevon and Hansini’s work and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of offshore engineering. Their innovation will benefit the offshore industry across the globe."

Dr Indrasenan Thusyanthan, Managing Director, GDG

The annual Fleming Award Competition commemorates the life and work of Dr Ken Fleming, aiming to honour and celebrate excellence in the practical application of geotechnics. This year’s award rightfully acknowledges the innovative techniques and dedication exhibited by the Seagreen project team. 


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