Research and Development

With a background in applied research and practical soil mechanics, GDG maintains a strong research and development interest with an extensive portfolio of cutting edge projects. The technical team at GDG is expert in addressing the challenges that complex ground conditions often create. We find technically and economically efficient solutions for both onshore and offshore situations. GDG research activities are focused on (i) commercial research including prototype development and proof of concept studies; (ii) collaborative international projects including European Framework submissions; and (iii) internal research to enhance the service delivery to our clients.

Our Services:
  • Technology Development
  • Prototype Testing and Numerical Simulations (soil-structure interaction)
  • Proof of Concept and Benchmarking Studies for New Technologies (e.g. new pile installation procedures)
  • Project Management of Novel Geotechnical Test Campaigns and Experimental Research Studies
  • Developing Test Concepts
  • Analysis of Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Sourcing Research and Development Funding
  • Preparation of Grant Applications
  • Design Guidelines Development
  • Value Engineering and Design Optimisation
  • Addressing Certification Querie