GDG has extensive experience in Geohazards projects for both research and industry civil engineering projects. We offer professional consultancy and research services, which incorporate the specific skills required for this branch of GDG. These skills include:  

  • Photo-interpretation and fieldwork – active processes and landforms (e.g. landslides, karst, fluvial landforms, active faults)
  • Geomorphological, geological, geotechnical, damage mapping and 3D models
  • Drone/RPAS surveys for detailed aerial imagery and terrain models
  • Ground-based LiDAR and Interpherometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) for infrastructure and slopes monitoring
  • Constraints mapping, site feasibility studies
  • Landslides and lahars runout modelling
  • Rainfall thresholds for landslides
  • Susceptibility, Hazard, Vulnerability, Cost-benefit and Risk quantitative analysis
  • Effects of climate change on geohazards
  • Mitigation and remediation designs