Underwater Acoustic Modeller

  • Dublin
  • Full time

GDG is a specialist offshore engineering consultancy, providing innovative solutions across a broad range of civil engineering sectors. We have offices in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London, Edinburgh, Holland, and the US. Our clients include large civil and building contractors, renewable energy project developers and engineering consulting firms. We also offer forensic engineering and expert witness services to the Insurance and Legal sectors. Our principal areas of expertise are Infrastructure, Onshore Renewables, Ports and Harbour, Structures, Offshore and Research & Development.

Role Description

At GDG, we provide specialist consultancy services to developers of fixed and floating offshore wind energy projects in all key markets across the globe. Underwater acoustic modelling has been identified as a significant area of growth for the business. We are seeking to recruit a full-time Acoustic Modeller to supplement existing expertise within our business and our US-based sister company Inspire Environmental.

The successful candidate will be based in the GDG Offshore Design Team supporting the wider GDG Teams (e.g. R&D and Marine Advisory) to deliver commercial scope. The successful candidate will also be expected to participate in process / business development for the rapidly developing acoustic modelling service offering.

As part of this role, the candidate will have the opportunity to participate in the Marine Institute / EU funded research project PUREWIND. This multiparter collaborative research project is coordinated by NTNU and aims to respond to the developing need for understanding the impacts of operating offshore wind farms (OWF) on the marine environment. This will be achieved by expanding our knowledge of the acoustic energy that is produced and radiated and the biological consequences of these emissions, and placing these finding in appropriate regulatory contexts, including advisory provisions for adaptive mitigation measures. GDG leads Task 4.3 which aims to develop knowledge and tools for integration of a comprehensive numerical model encompassing all aspects of OWF noise production and propagation.

Key Responsibilities
  • Development of internal tools and processes that facilitates the development of subsea acoustics commercial service line
  • Lead the development and delivery of sub-surface acoustic models to support the activities of the wider GDG and Venterra Team.
Expertise Required
  • Acoustic modelling, including experience with characterising both impulsive and non-impulsive underwater sound sources and the propagation of underwater acoustic energy
  • Coding skills e.g. Matlab, Python
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Knowledge of the life cycle of an offshore wind farm, including monopile and floating technologies
Education and Qualifications
  • Hold a Masters or PhD in Subsea Acoustics or related discipline with skills/experience that demonstrate capabilities outlined in the Expertise section above
Additional Requirements

Candidates should also be highly organised and motivated individuals with effective communication skills, a good work ethic, and a commitment to technical excellence, personal efficiency, and career progression through Continued Professional Development.


At GDG, we are committed to inclusion and diversity in everything we do. We take inclusion and diversity seriously. We know that getting this right is critical for us to live our organisation’s values. We are always trying to improve our way of working to be more inclusive and equal. We are an equal opportunity employer. Our vision is for GDG to be a place where people of all ethnicities feel welcomed to work.

How to Apply

Please send a copy of your CV to David O’Grady (Talent & Resource Manager) at careers@gdgeo.com



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