Irish Sea Research Delivered by GDG & iCRAG

Thursday, 30th May 2019

GDG would like to congratulate Mark Coughlan, GDG Principal Geoscientist and iCRAG researcher, on the publication of an impressive paper on the stratigraphy of the Irish Sea. This study utilizes a combination of publically available geophysical seismic data (gathered as part of the INFOMAR programme) and geotechnical information to develop a ground model of the Quaternary geology in the North Irish Sea.

This publication is the culmination of several years of research that links research scientists at the iCRAG and MaREI research centers with the GDG offshore team. This project also provides GDG with a unique insight into the Irish Sea conditions that can be used for a range of industrial activities including offshore wind development, aquaculture and more generally marine spatial planning.

This article is an interim deliverable from this research project with further advancements expected in the months and years ahead as the research project continues.

The paper can be accessed here.